Bracelets Are Fantastic Way To Express Your Self

Bracelets are fantastic way to express your personality. Every day, we spend time selecting stylish outfits for different occasions. And sometimes you may choose your best clothes but still miss something… that last little detail. A simple yet effective trick for putting together any look is jewelry. The right jewelry piece can help you show the world who you really are and make a bold statement wherever you go.

When it comes to wearing jewelry, a mix and match trend is a great way to walk out the door looking fabulous. Today we will talk about bracelets – the most versatile jewelry pieces and all the simple tips to help you learn the art of mixing and matching them.

It is not a surprise why bracelets are fantastic today. There is a theory that with all the gadgets we use every single day, our hands are always on display.

So let’s start! Fashionistas have discovered that you don’t need to stop only on stacking a few bangles together when exploring the possibilities of bracelets. You can do so much more with your bracelet collection!

First of all, you need to remember that there is a thin line between looking elegant with lots of bracelets and looking “too much.” Then you need to pick a centerpiece. It will be the “eye-catcher.” Work around it by picking jewelry pieces that are smaller in size or not so flashy. They should complement that focal bracelet. If there is no centerpiece to work around and all of your jewelry pieces are pretty match equal, try to mix and match them by thickness, size, and metal color.

In fact, you can create the best looks by blending colors and materials. Wear gold and silver-colored metals together, mix leather cuff with some dainty chain bracelets, or throw a chunky costume piece up against some beaded bracelets.

And don’t forget if you are piling on the bracelets, skip wearing loads of other jewelry.

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